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The following material is provided for information purposes only.  Any conclusions or opinions formed should be based on the principles as outlined in Acts 17:11. The material is intended for use as a witnessing tool and to keep you informed so you will not be unaware (Luke 21:34) of what is happening according to Scripture’s





This is about Jordan’s control of the Temple Mount as a primary custodian and the recognition of a two State Solution by Biben



Please take seriously the severity of this existential threat to everything free people hold dear. Do everything in your power to pass this report on to others and to find ways to communicate with and to influence people to stop empowering WHO to take over our national sovereignty and freedom.





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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK –  Idolatry is not just the worship of a graven image, but putting one’s chief affections on any object or person instead of on God.  Witchcraft is sorcery, that is, tampering with the powers of evil.  This would include dabbling in the occult”Footnote KJV Study Bible:  Gal. 5:22





·       Biden assures Abdullah US recognizes Jordan as custodian of Holy places

·       Wow to those who call evil good

·       God uses the unlikely in post-leak, Pro-Life protests at Supreme Court Building

·       Occult with your fries? McDonald’s turns to demonic

·       Is Pope Francis promoting Witchcraft unknowingly?








Koenig’s Int’l News – May 14, 2022 -- “The President recognized the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s crucial role as the custodian of Muslim holy places in Jerusalem,” the White House says.


US President Joe Biden met on Friday with King Abdullah II of Jordan “and reaffirmed the close and enduring nature of the friendship between the United States and Jordan,” the White House said.


According to a readout of the conversation, Jordan is a critical ally and force for stability in the Middle East, “and the President confirmed unwavering US support for Jordan and His Majesty’s leadership.”


“The leaders consulted on recent events in the region and discussed urgent mechanisms to stem violence, calm rhetoric and reduce tensions in Israel and the West Bank,” the White House said.


Biden meets King Abdullah to discuss Temple Mount tensions

The statement goes on to say that Biden affirmed his “strong support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and cited the need to preserve the historic status quo at the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount.”

“The president also recognized the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s crucial role as the custodian of Muslim holy places in Jerusalem,” the White House said.



Charisma News – May 9, 2022 -- The title of this article comes from the oft-quoted Isaiah 5:20 (NKJV): "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil." Isaiah's "woe" was designed to awaken and convict the nation to turn back to God before the hammer dropped. Sadly, that didn't happen. A lack of fear, repentance and reverence for God led to physical and spiritual judgment.

In the Bible, the word woe carries the idea of impending judgment brought on by the wrath of God in sin. It signifies overwhelming grief, sorrow, and regret, accompanied by suffering.

The word woe adds a power-packed punch to what the prophet Isaiah is vocalizing. In essence he is saying, "Listen, this is serious! If you don't heed my advice, the judgment and justice of God will fall, and the hammer will hit hard."

It's been said that not even Sodom and Gomorrah reached the level of decadence that we see today in America. Praise God for the remnant and the churches that intercede. In my opinion, they are the only thing keeping God's judgment at bay.

Sin Fascinates Before It Assassinates

When Isaiah pronounced this "woe," the nation of Israel had become comfortable in their sin. Moral conviction was fading and obedience to God was passé. As a result, they began to compromise and drift further from God. They were calling evil good and good evil. Two of the top evils were infanticide (laying their newborn children on the searing hot arms of Molech as a sacrifice) and sexual sin. Ring a bell? We still sacrifice our children on the altar of sexual sin.

As I'm writing this, the news just broke of Justice Alito's thoughts on Roe v. Wade. The news that this law might be overturned has created a huge uproar. Imagine being angry that babies will live — "Woe to those who call good evil."

Israel, not unlike America today, paid no attention as their leaders seduced them to do more evil than any other nation before them. (See 2 Kings 21:9.) They failed to see that when sin fascinates, it assassinates.

Can You Hear Isaiah Today? I Sure Can

o    Woe to the school districts who promote sexual perversion and undermine the family.

o    Woe to the universities who mock God and teach their students to do the same.

o    Woe to politicians who call evil good and good evil, and have the blood of the innocent on their hands.

o    Woe to pastors and Christian leaders who encourage sin by their silence, and who openly embrace apostasy.

o    Woe to the media who lead people astray by twisting the truth to promote the demonic agenda of darkness.

o    Woe to the film industry who bows to the whore of Babylon — the stench has reached the nostrils of God.

o    Woe to liberal churches who say that they love people but hate God's Word.

Yes, all of those points are hard to hear for those caught in sin and enamored by idolatry; that's the point. The "woes" are meant to sound an alarm. They allow the hammer of God to break and the fire of His Word to devour sin.

God's Word is also like a double-edged sword that cuts deep and discerns the motives of the heart (Heb. 4:12).

Continuing to Drink the Poison

Instead of humbling themselves, repenting and turning back to God, most dig their defiant feet into the soil of sin. Instead of running to the cure, they continue to drink the poison. As a recent headline illustrates, they become angry and belligerent: "Liberal group calls for protests at conservative Supreme Court justices' homes" (more here). They are not open to opposing views — "my way or the highway" is their mantra.

This begs the question: Why do certain groups seek to silence God's truth and adamantly oppose His Word, whereas Christians are open to dialogue and discussion? It's because the truth invites scrutiny, and error runs from being challenged. It also has to do with the darkness hating the light because the deeds of the darkness are evil. In short, God's Word exposes evil hearts and demonic plans.

The Cure Has Never Changed

Sadly, without a massive spiritual awakening, the divide in our country will only get wider. We all must learn from King Josiah in the Old Testament. Once he heard what God's Word said about the current condition of the nation, he humbled himself in a profound way, repented and asked for God's intervention. God's answer also offers hope for us today: Because your heart was tender and you humbled yourself, I heard your cry and answered your prayer. I have stayed My hand of judgment for now (paraphrasing 2 Kings 22:19).

The cure for spiritual disease never changes: humility, repentance, brokenness and desperation lead to spiritual health. Our cry must resemble Isaiah's: "Oh, that You would rend the heavens! That You would come down! That the mountains might shake at Your presence" (Isa. 64:1, NKJV).

Like any parent, God hears the cries of His children: Oh God, would You rip heaven open and come down and help us? This is our only hope, that the nations would tremble again at His presence (cf. Isa. 64:1-2).

In these dire times, let's make sure we're on the right side of the "woe."


Charisma News – May 3, 2022 -- Urgent Alert From Amir George: Believers are urgently needed to come to the Supreme Court. As hard as it is to believe, there are estimated to be up to 20,000 abortionists currently rallying in front of the Supreme Court, but for some time on Wednesday, only one longtime pro-life activist, a lone elderly woman. The area in front of the Supreme Court has been divided in half, with one life for the abortionists and one side for pro-lifers. It was shameful that while a few pro-lifers came in the morning, later in the day, the pro-life side was completely empty. We request anyone who can come for even a few minutes to stand for life in this crucial hour. What is of extreme concern is that the leak of the draft opinion was orchestrated to mobilize massive crowds to intimidate the justices to change their votes. Please pass this on to as many as possible.

"Unhinged" was the best description of the abortionist allies who gathered in small, beleaguered groups on one corner of the area in front of the Supreme Court.

While there was a group of legacy pro-lifers on-site, ironically, it was a group called PAAU—the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising—that dominated the space with organized, strong and powerful demonstrations of support for the just-released draft that has roiled Washington.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote, "Roe was egregiously wrong from the start. Its reasoning was exceptionally weak, and the decision has had damaging consequences. And far from bringing about a national settlement of the abortion issue, Roe and Casey have enflamed debate and deepened division." This historic decision had consequences not only for life but for an entire platform ranging from homosexual rights to other lifestyle areas that took their views from Roe vs Wade in the interpretation of the relationship between personal rights and government.

"We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled," he continued in the document labeled as the "Opinion of the Court."

"It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people's elected representatives," Alito wrote, clearly laying down the gauntlet not only for the restoration for the protection of life but for a whole host of other rights that through the flawed constitutional interpretation have been established, causing great affront to believers.

While the legacy pro-life groups over the past 50 years have become ossified and part of what many call the "Christian swamp," God in his mercy raised up Donald J. Trump to be the one to change the makeup of the court. He also chose a small group of atheists who support life to lead the charge, most recently by standing up to the city of Washington, D.C., for what they call "The Five"—five fully formed children born and then killed at an abortion clinic.

It was just over two years ago that Trump spoke at the gathering place of the "Christian swamp," the National Prayer Breakfast, which has become so compromised from its original purpose that prayer is led by a Mohammedan imam. Trump opened his speech to the group with a verse of Scripture. True to form, he mispronounced the name of the book of the Bible, and in a shocking reaction, the group laughed at the president.

President Trump essentially told the group, "I am sorry; I am not like you. I can't pronounce Scripture properly; I am on my third marriage, but I love God and believe He loves me."

He then paused to look across the group, and in essence said, "By the way, you all gave me a list of things you have been trying to get done for 50 years, and I got them done in three years, so quit complaining and get with the program."

A stunned silence fell across the group, and the apparent decision by the Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade is a direct result of Trump's efforts to do the right thing.

Many see the developments as emblematic of a Fourth Great Awakening sweeping across the country, led not by the religious and the churchgoing but by the newly saved, the "deplorables" who have found faith in Christ, not having grown up in the church and for whom forgiveness, a second chance and the love of God are precious and life-changing.

It took a generally non-church attending president and atheists supporting life to move the needle. As people gathered in front of the Supreme Court, the relative absence of the legacy pro-life groups and the dominance of the atheist pro-life activists reminds us once again that the moves of God in answer to prayer happen not with the Pharisees but with those for whom forgiveness and love have deep meaning.


Charisma News – May 13, 2022 -- For anyone wondering just how pervasive occult practices are becoming in mainstream culture, look no further than McDonald's most recent marketing ploy, which involved, among meal deals, the chance to win tarot card readings.

The lede of a USA Today story covering McDonald's ploy reads, "McDonald's is preparing for this week's celestial and astrological change of Mercury retrograde with both a deal and tarot card readings."

In an unfortunate infusion of occultism, customers using the McDonald's app to buy a medium order of fries were given a free McDouble or McChicken and the chance to snag a tarot card reading.

McDonald's reportedly partnered with Madam Adam, a tarot card reader with expertise in astrology, to offer readings to select customers. To "win," customers reportedly needed to go to Madam Adam's Instagram or TikTok posts to share their zodiac sign and name.

Adam advertised the effort on his social media platforms, encouraging people to partake so they could learn their "fate." The comments sections on Adam's social pages were filled with people sharing their zodiac signs in hopes of receiving an apparently coveted tarot reading.

"I don't know about you, but for me, Mercury in retrograde can be a real difficult time. So why not ease the discomfort with comfort food?" Adam said in a video promotion. "Want to know what the Tarot has in store for you? Join me and McDonald's for a very special TikTok Live... to know your fate."

According to a statement from McDonald's, Adam planned to "randomly select a lucky few to receive custom readings" during the live stream, which unfolded this week.

McDonald's discount effort coincided with Mercury retrograde, an optical illusion that unfolds a few times each year and appears to show Mercury moving backward in its orbit. When Mercury laps Earth in its 88-day move around the sun, it causes Mercury's appearance to be retrograde from Earth's perspective.


Charisma News – May 12, 2021 -- Pope Francis, who is "well known for his affinity for expressions of popular piety and his Marian devotion, is amping up efforts to honor the Virgin Mary this month through a series of weekly prayers at St. Peter's Basilica," according to

This is troubling.

If you live in a region where false Mary worship is rising, you'll notice that Jezebel's witchcrafts rise again in May. That's because of the traditional May Crowning ritual that takes place to honor the Virgin Mary as "the Queen of May."

Essentially, this means there is a hyperfocus on devotions to Mary. There are two problems with this. First, Mary doesn't want or expect our devotion — she wants and expects us to worship the Son of God, Jesus. Second, by treating Mary as an idol, we're empowering the spirit of Jezebel.

Although the Bible describes the mother of Jesus as "highly favored" (see Luke 1:28), that doesn't mean she is supposed to be worshipped. In fact, the Greek word for favored in this verse is charitooCharitoo means "grace."

God honored Mary with blessings and grace, and we should respect her as the mother of Jesus but not exalt her by crowning her in rituals. We're supposed to throw our crowns at Jesus' feet (see Revelation 4:10), not place them on Mary's head.


Sanctification, stewardship, and service are three aspects of God’s purpose for each believer’s life.

January 13, 2022

Ephesians 2:8-10

What is my purpose in life? Many people today are asking that question, but only those who have trusted Christ as Savior and Lord can ever discover the true answer. Today’s passage tells us that our salvation is an act of God, and now we’re His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to accomplish what He has prepared for us to do. That is our purpose in life, and it has three components. 

1. Sanctification is simply ongoing growth in holiness. As we cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s work in our life, He transforms our character to be more like the Lord’s and renews our mind with scriptural truth.

2. Stewardship is faithful management of the time, talents, spiritual gifts, and treasures God has given us. They are to be used according to His priorities and direction, not for our own self-advancement. 

3. Service includes things like stimulating spiritual growth, meeting physical needs, and encouraging one another through Scripture. We serve the Lord by ministering to others.

All this is your purpose in life. But remember, this is not about self-effort; it’s God at work in you. Your part is to avail yourself of all the means He uses to accomplish His goals—His Word, His Spirit, and His church. 

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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK –  “What Jesus accomplished for us, the Spirit works out in us’’  – Our Daily Bread





·       When the Bible says to go on the offensive

·       As Culture grows angrier and more profane, what does God expect from us?

·       Christian conservatives, here’s why you cannot put your trust in Fox News

·       The vine that keeps pet butterflies







The Christian Post – Apr. 4, 2022 -- Conditions will never be perfect for serving Jesus Christ. Earth is a perpetual disaster area because of the enemies of God. Jesus Christ came into this chaos to attack and defeat Satan and bring us peace. God is calling us, as 21st century Christians, to move out of a defensive mode and onto the offensive.

Jesus didn’t come to make a peace treaty with the enemy. Jesus came to destroy his work. As the Father sent the Son, so Jesus sends us (John 20:21-22). We are called, with Jesus, to assault darkness and destroy the devil’s work. Wherever the enemy is at work, we are called to engage him and drive him out.

When we get on the offensive, hell shakes. A parallel is seen even in the natural world. The famed “Doolittle Raid” that was the United States’ answer to the Pearl Harbor attack lifted the hopes of the American people and shook the enemy. In football, the truth of the saying, “the best defense is a good offense,” has shaken even the strongest teams.

Going on the offensive affects us in other ways. Jesus said, “I want you to go and make disciples.” To bring someone to Jesus Christ, we must confront the enemy. When we’re on the attack, it isn’t easy to backslide. During an aggressive, anointed, empowered offense, the gates of hell give way to us. It changes us.

Even when the odds seem overwhelming, we can still take the offensive. Three people in scripture come to mind.


Samson was once bound with ropes when the Philistines came against him, but the Holy Spirit moved on Samson. He broke free from the ropes and, with no weapon in sight, he spotted the carcass of a donkey, grabbed its jawbone and killed 1,000 enemies (Judges 15). The site became known as Jawbone Hill.

Samson was thirsty after his fight and in that high place, God opened a fountain of water. Samson received refreshment in the place of his victory.

Two lessons emerge. First, even when outnumbered, Samson used a rudimentary weapon and conquered his enemy by the power of the Spirit. Second, we can see that our place of victory will often become our place of refreshing.


At a significant battle in the perpetual conflict between Israel and the Philistines, King Saul and his son Jonathan went into battle with swords while their 600 men were unarmed (1 Samuel 13:22). The Philistine army was well-armed because they were the only ones with the tools to sharpen weapons.

In this midst of this uneven battle, Jonathan called to his armorbearer, “Come on! Let’s go! Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few” (1 Samuel 14).

The two young men climbed sharp cliffs to the high ground of the Philistine camp. At the top, they quickly killed 20 enemy soldiers with just one sword between them. Then panic struck the Philistines. God literally shook the ground. They started killing each other and running away.

Jonathan’s great statement, “the Lord can win by many or by few,” illustrates that sometimes God needs just one courageous person to win the victory. When someone stands up and says, “This looks terrible, but I believe God is calling us to move forward,” then by the authority of God’s Word and the sword of the Spirit, battles are won.


An army captain named Jehu was unknown until the day a young prophet sent by Elijah ran breathlessly into his tent. He poured oil on Jehu’s head and said, “God has anointed you to be king of Israel.” Jehu was not in line for the throne. He had no lineage to be king. But he told the other officers what the runner said. They took action, throwing their coats on the ground and blowing a trumpet, shouting, “Jehu is king” (2 Kings 9).

Jehu then rushed into action. Some Bible translations say he drove his chariot passionately; others that he drove like a maniac. His heart was burning. The kings of Judah and Israel came out to meet him and he killed them both. But Jehu didn’t stop there.

Jehu went to the city of Jezreel, where wicked Jezebel had established a thirty-year reign of evil and Baal worship, first as queen, then as queen mother. Against all odds, this young soldier faced down this woman that neither Elijah nor Elisha had been able to topple. She looked out the upper window and mocked Jehu. But Jehu responded by talking to the people around her. “Who is on my side?” he asked.

Some of Jezebel’s officials had worked around her evil for most of their lives. Answering the challenge from one young, anointed, unknown soldier, they grabbed their boss, Jezebel, and threw her out the window. On the ground, she was trampled by horses, and her body was eaten by dogs. Jezebel’s downfall was prophesied, even the detail that she would be eaten by dogs.

But it took decades to happen.

It may take 20 or 30 years to win a battle. But when a person is anointed and has the courage to do what God says to do, God will break strongholds and defeat the enemy.

It looked impossible for Jesus to triumph over the kingdom of darkness. Yet under the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit, wherever Jesus found Satan’s kingdom, he tore it down. Jesus came to invade the enemy’s territory, overthrow his kingdom, and bring in the kingdom of God. He calls us to do the same.

God still brings the strongholds down and defeats the devil by His power and for His glory. The impossible becomes possible when God’s servants go on the offensive.


Walk into any bookstore and browse the titles. You'll be shocked by how many contain four-letter words.

Charisma News – Apr. 13, 2022 -- In the past year or so, publishers have introduced shock value to their book covers. Sometimes the words are spelled out in all their ugliness, and other times a letter is replaced with an asterisk.

It reflects a coarsening of culture. It's a sign of how we're relating to one another, speaking to each other and treating others in our lives. Social standards are declining, and fewer parents are raising children to be polite.

Ask anyone who deals with people all day and they will tell you that people react more quickly and become rude, angry, abusive, demanding, cynical, sarcastic and profane.

I can explain it in one phrase: the loss of biblical love.

When the Bible talks about love, it isn't speaking of a nebulous force. It's talking about how we obey God and treat each other. There's a verse spelling this out in practical terms — Micah 6:8 (NKJV): "He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?"

Notice what Micah didn't say. He didn't say God had told us what is good. Yes, God does tell us that again and again; but Micah used the word shown. By His own actions, God has set the standard for our lives, behavior, words and attitudes.

As the Lord has shown us, so we should do — and this is the essence of biblical love. Let's zero in on the three qualifiers of Micah 6:8. They represent God's great expectations of us. They are His values in a nearly valueless world.

Act Justly

What does it mean to act justly? James 1:27 describes it like this: "Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world" (NKJV). I think we sometimes make a small mistake whenever we read that verse.

We sometimes think James was limiting our concern for justice to those who are widows and orphans. I believe he was giving us a broader description, telling us to be especially sensitive to an entire category of humanity — those who have trouble caring for themselves.

Some of these people are close to home. They are our neighbors or family members. Some are those we pass on campus, in the streets, alongside the highways and byways of life. They wander into our lives, or sometimes we have to purposely wander into theirs.

Those connections spark and flicker with biblical love like electrical connections.

Love Mercy

Closely associated with acting justly is loving mercy. Some of those who need our moral and upright and godly concern are not particularly lovable.

But loving someone who is unlovable doesn't mean endorsing their attitudes or actions. I've preached and written about this many times. We can forgive someone of their sins and release our bitterness toward them without condoning their misbehavior. In truth, I think only a biblical Christian knows how to navigate this, because it's godlike. Our Lord never condones sin, yet He loves to show mercy.

Remember, too, that mercy isn't reserved merely for those needing our forgiveness. We can show mercy to anyone needing help.

Walk Humbly

It's not enough to be humble. We must also walk with God. And it's not enough to walk with God; we must do so humbly. Put those ideas together — put the entire verse of Micah 6:8 together — and you have a four-letter word you're not ashamed of: LOVE.

We should be living up to God's standards for us, not the standards of today's culture. Where man expects little, God expects much. But what He expects, He also enables us to do through our living, growing relationship with Christ.

Our heavenly Father has given us this glorious and great expectation: to do justly, to be merciful and to walk humbly with our just, merciful and humble Savior. So, let's do it.


Charisma News – Apr. 2, 2022 -- For those who have watched Fox News over the years, it is no surprise that they announced the hiring of Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner with great fanfare and hype. In the words of CEO Suzanne Scott, "Caitlyn's story is an inspiration to us all. She is a trailblazer in the LGBTQ+ community and her illustrious career spans a variety of fields that will be a tremendous asset for our audience."

Perhaps these words could be used as an epitaph on Fox's legacy? Mark the day carefully.

All the talking points are in order in Scott's short, effusive statement: Jenner's transition from Bruce to Caitlyn is "an inspiration to us all." This famous biological male is "she." And LGBTQ+ activism is something to celebrate. You go, girl!

Surely this is the death knell for Fox, even if it remains large and influential for decades to come. It has lost its voice and sold its soul. And with what moral authority can Fox call on Jenner to speak against "Lia" Thomas competing against women? Is this Fox's new message? "Transitioning is fine, and sex and gender are whatever you perceive them to be. Just play fair!"

But, to repeat, this should come as no surprise to those who have watched Fox over the years. Although some of the biggest names on the station were Catholic (such as Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity), it was clear that O'Reilly's views were hardly Bible-based.

The same with Megyn Kelly and others, whose names I mention not to demonize them but simply to say, "They are hardly basing their worldview on the Scriptures."

As for Hannity, as much as he identifies proudly as a Christian, he had no trouble having Jenner on as a guest last year, not to criticize him but to interview him as a California gubernatorial candidate.

To quote Jenner's words during the interview, "For me as a trans woman, I think role models are extremely important for young people."

What? Jenner a role model for young people?

And Hannity didn't object?

Jenner continued, "Trans issues people struggle with, big time. Our suicide rate is nine times higher than the general public. And for me to be a role model for them, to be out there, I am running for governor of the state of California. Who would have ever thunk that? We've never even had a woman governor."

So, Jenner, already crowned "Woman of the Year" by Glamour, would be California's first "woman governor."

The cat has long been out of the bag when it comes to Fox's core values.

In fact, without mentioning specific names here, a friend of mine who is a publicity agent told me a few years ago that, while he wanted to land me an interview on one of the biggest shows on Fox, it would be hard for him to get past some of the show's gay producers.

In short, just because Fox was pro-Trump doesn't mean Fox was (and is) pro-Bible (as if support for Trump equated with support for the Bible).

And just because Fox is more conservative politically and fiscally than CNN or MSNBC doesn't mean that Fox is conservative morally or spiritually.

But again, this should not come as a surprise.

So, if you want biblically based views, go to people who base their lives on the Word of God. If you want news that is more conservative on some issues than the Left-leaning networks, go to Fox (and some others). But by all means, do not confuse the two, especially at a time when trans activism threatens to undermine the very nature of male and female, not to mention threatens women's sports and even our fundamental freedoms of speech.



John 15:5 “I am the vine, ye [are] the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”


Creation Moments – Dec. 10, 2021 -- Two groups of tropical vines rely for reproduction on the world’s only known species of pollen-eating butterfly. Neither vine has very showy flowers, nor do their flowers have any scent. However, they don’t need to attract pollinators because the Heliconius butterfly depends on the pollen produced by the vines for its food. So, the butterflies don’t go far from their food source.

Since the butterfly depends on the pollen, the vines produce many more male flowers than female. This keeps its army of pollinators well fed. Being messy eaters, the butterflies end up with pollen all over them.

But what would attract the butterfly to the female flower, which can be up to 20 feet away? Two tricks are used. First, a female flower usually grows close to where a male flower has just withered. Second, the female flower, while producing no pollen, looks just like the male flower to invite the butterfly’s attention.

Did you see the intelligence in this arrangement? If only chance were involved, why would the only known species of pollen-eating butterfly be found with the only known vines that rely on their services? This is a very big planet! If there is no design in this arrangement, why should these vines offer female flowers that look like the males so that they will be pollinated? It is so clear that these butterflies were custom-made for these vines, and the vines were made for the butterflies. This is a witness to a personal Creator Who is personally involved in life on Earth!


Anyone who acknowledges Jesus as Savior has access to His divine power through the Holy Spirit.

Acts 2:38-39

We all fail. Many of us don’t always live as Scripture teaches—and we miss out on the joy and peace that Jesus promised. The reason? We don’t recognize the need to live in the Spirit, so we try to live each day in our own strength. On Pentecost, God’s Spirit came to indwell believers. He is a gift, blessing us in many ways. Let’s consider some of the work He does. The Holy Spirit ...

• Convicts us of sin so that we can repent (John 16:8).

• Regenerates us. As believers, we’re new beings, alive in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).

• Seals us forever as a child of the Almighty (Ephesians 1:13). 

• Teaches, guides, and empowers us for the rest of our life (John 14:26). 

• Gifts and enables us to do the work God has planned for us (Ephesians 2:10; for a list of spiritual gifts, see also 1 Cor. 12:1-31).

• Bears fruit through us (Galatians 5:22-23).

As we are obedient to what God calls us to do, we get to watch Him work in mighty ways. All these benefits are available to everyone who follows Jesus, but we can miss out by attempting to live in our own meager strength. 

Remember, the Christian life is this: Christ living His life in and through us by the power of God’s indwelling Holy Spirit. 

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·        WHAT’S IN A NAME?








By D.E. Davis


For Christians, we are told in Scripture in 2Cr 5:8 that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. For those who turn away from God, we are told that they are eternally separated from God and go to a place called Hell.  Rev 14:11 says that the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever.


The question that everyone ponders is: What really happens after we die? Do we just lay dormant until the Lord takes us to be with him or until judgement is handed out at the Great White Throne as called out in Rev. 20:11? Are we conscience? Do we feel, touch, think, recognize loved ones, know what is happening around us? All questions that we have ask ourselves, no doubt, at some time in our life.


My own personal review of the Scriptures has led me to believe that after we die, even though our body may be dead and buried, our Spirit is alive and fully conscience. Chuck Missler likens this state of conscienceness to the software that runs the Computer; once the hardware goes, the software remains intact and available for further applications.


There are two illustrations in the Bible that makes it clear as to what happens after death, when we're in the spirit.


The first one is illustrated in the Luke account of Lazarus and the rich man in Chapter 16. After death, Lazarus, a man of God, is escorted into Abraham’s Bosom, a holding compartment in Hell for the Believers prior to the Cross. The non-believing rich man was "buried" and went into a separate compartment in Hell (Hades), apart from Abraham’s Bosom, where he was in Torment according to Scripture. Both were in a Spirit state; yet by the account, they could see each other and speak to each other.


The second account is in Revelation, where John is taken (in the Spirit) to Heaven to see those things that shall come to pass prior to the return of Jesus Christ to the Earth, or Second Coming (not the Rapture).


I had to conclude from the study, based on the following Scripture, that all of the senses we have here on earth will be with us throughout eternity, even unto death.


·         THE ABILITY TO LOOK/SEE - Luke 16:23;Rev. 1:12;4:1,4; 5:1,2; 6:1,2,8,9; 7:1,2; 8:2; 9:1,17; 10:1,5; 13:1,2,3;14:1,6; 15:1,2; 16:13; 17:3,6; 18:1; 19:11,17,19; 20:1,4,11,12; 21:1,2,22; 22:8

·         THE ABILITY TO HEAR - Rev. 1:10; 4:1; 5:11; 6:1,3,5,6,7; 7:4; 9:13,16; 10:4,8; 12:10; 14:2,13; 16:1,5,7; 18:4; 19:1,6; 21: 3; 22:8

·         THE ABILITY TO BEHOLD ( to obtain knowledge of: understand: perceive) - Rev. 5:6,11; 6:5,8,12; 7:9; 8:13; 13:11

·         THE ABILITY TO REASON - Luke 16:30

·         THE ABILITY TO CRY (even though there will be no more crying in Heaven) - Rev. 5:4,5; Luke 16:24

·         THE ABILITY TO SPEAK - Rev. 5:13; 10:9; 21:6,15; Luke 16:24, 29,30,31

·         THE ABILITY TO FEEL/TOUCH - Luke 16:23, 24,25

·         THE ABILITY TO REMEMBER - Luke 16:25

·         THE ABILITY TO WONDER - Rev. 17:6

·         THE ABILITY TO WRITE - Rev. 1:11; 10:4; 19:9

·         THE ABILITY TO QUESTION - Rev. 7:13

·         THE ABILITY TO TAKE (THE BOOK/ROD) - Rev. 10:8,9,10

·         THE ABILITY TO FALL (ON KNEES) - Rev. 19:10; 22:8

·         THE ABILITY TO STAND - Rev. 13:1

·         THE ABILITY TO WORSHIP - Rev. 19:10; 22:8

·         THE ABILITY TO PERFORM TASKS - Rev. 11:1


God has promised in 1 Thess 4:16 and 1 Cor. 15:52,53 that one day, we shall be reunited with Him in body and will be transformed and conformed to Him - in the twinkling of an eye. We are also told in Scripture that we shall see Him face to face- see the Lamb that was slain for you and me. We know by His Word, that we will Praise Him, Worship Him and Rule with Him.


One thing in the study that I found extremely fascinating was the difference in treatment between Lazarus and the non-believing rich man. Scripture says that Lazarus was escorted to Heaven by an Angel, but there is no indication in Scripture about how the rich man arrived at Hell. Could it be that God had a specific purpose why He chose not to tell us in Scripture?


Finally, knowing that others may have varying interpretations of these Scriptures, I strongly urge you to review the Scriptures yourselves to determine what you find as the truth according to God’s Word.







For those who wish you had some other name because you don't like the name you were given, you had better think twice.  It is most likely that the name your parents picked out for you was not their choice but God's choice.  Let’ s face it, the word of the Lord is true.  That's why in Eph. 1:4, God proclaimed that He had chosen us from before the very beginning of the world.


If you follow the Genealogy of Adam in Genesis, Chapter 5 (*) you will receive an insight into what importance God put in names - It's an exciting message:


Genealogy              Meaning

Adam                     Man

Seth                        Appointed

Enosh                     Mortal

Kenan                    Sorrow

Mahalalel              The blessed God

Jared                      Shall come down

Enoch                    Teaching

Methuselah           His Death shall bring

Lamech                 The Despairing

Noah                      Rest, Comfort


Now let us look at God’s Plan for Redemption:


"Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest."


Let us now look at the Genealogy of Abraham (*):


Genealogy            Meaning

Abraham               Predestination

Isaac                      Called

Jacob                      Justified

Joseph                   Glorified


(*) Source: Chuck Missler’s Briefing package: “A Walk Thru the Bible”




Well, let us see.................. As a Christian, did God not choose you by name at the same time he chose Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph - before the very foundation of the world?  If God had a purpose for their name, would you expect anything less for your name since He chose you at the same time?


As a Christian, You ought to thank God daily that you, by your given name, was written in the Lamb's book of life before the very foundation of the world and that you will be a partaker in all the promises  of Rev 21:27.


Within the last couple of years, researchers have found many startling discoveries through the use of super computers, specifically, hidden codes that God supernaturally placed within the Hebrew text of the Bible.  Over 2000 years ago, the names of historical and current leader’s names were placed in the Bible. Such names as Adolph Hitler, Eichmann, Arafat, Peres, Rabin, Rabin's murderer Amir, Ben-Zion Netanyahu, Saddan Hussein, George Bush, Schwarzkoph, Peter Arnet (CNN), Timithy McVeigh, Bill Clinton.


Do you think that God would limit His calling out to just those who had a highly visible historical impact on this world?  There is no doubt that He had a purpose in doing this, if nothing else, just to get your attention that He is the Creator; that He alone knows the beginning from the end.


It is my firm belief that as we advance further with our computer technology and peel back the layers of the Hebrew text of the scriptures, we will make many more startling and exciting discoveries.  One being that God has written each and every one of our names in His Word.


HERE IS WHAT GOD SAID: Isaiah 66:22 "For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain."





BOOK REVIEW by D. E. Davis (September 1997)




By Franklin Graham with Jeanette Lockerbie



It is amazing the worlds that open up to an individual, once the Power of the Holy Spirit comes upon him. Just three years ago, where once I was blind to Missions, to all the inspired men and women God has called to service and the multitude of people all over the world who have been saved, new worlds are ever opening to me to see how awesome the power of God is in our Christian lives.



Such was the power and strength of faith Bob Pierce had in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is difficult for me to even attempt  to assess where God has put Bob along with other past great men of the faith, but from what I read about his life with Christ, he certainly had his eyes focused on Jesus!  I personally feel inadequate and humbled to even put in words, my thoughts about this man.  Bob was a man Blessed by God.  I feel sad that I never had an opportunity to know him, but look forward to meeting him one day in heaven.


If ever there was a verse of scripture that represented Bob Pierce, it had to be the title of this book as taken from Philippians 3:13,14 ".......this one thing I do,....I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ."


Bob was raised in Los Angeles and at the age of 12, gave his life to Christ and was baptized in the Nazarene Church. "God simply called me to give my heart to Jesus, and I followed Him."  He died in 1978 of leukemia but lived his life for Christ in between in between those dates as if Christ was coming tomorrow and he still had to witness to the whole world before dawn broke.  Throughout his career, he dedicated his life mainly to Missions and over the years was responsible for founding such World re-noun programs as "World Vision", an organization dedicated to meeting the emergency needs in crisis areas such as Korea after the Korean war.  During that time of need, he established  a Korean Orphanage, serving over 30 thousand Korean war orphans.  Bob was also responsible for starting the World re-noun Korean Orphan's Choir.  As an outgrowth of "World Vision" he founded "World Medical Mission" which covered all emergency medical needs in countries all over the world which had no medical facilities.  He was also founder of "Samaritan's Purse" and organization dedicated to funding World emergency need, no matter where they were.  These organizations are still meeting the needs of those in crisis today.


If his work through these organizations was not enough, he became a United Nations War Correspondent during World War II; was Co-founder for "Youth for Christ"; and became a Motion Picture producer/Radio program host, author and a lecturer, but first and last, he always considered himself an evangelist! Even though Bob knew that he was "extraordinarily gifted by God, he was never impressed with himself - he considered himself just an earthly vessel, available at all times for the exclusive use of the Lord".


In his own words, he had "many flaws, failings but had abundant faith in God who lives and cares about people."


If I had to pick four areas of the Christian life that I feel truly represented Bob Pierce, they would be 1) Unwavering Faith, 2) Compassion for others, 3) Obedience to God and 4) Commitment to accomplish the Will of God in his life.


From the Beginning, Bob knew his calling was for Missions to the Asian Countries.  His first mission led him through Hawaii to Hong Kong and eventually to China.  Getting to China was his first big test of faith - he had no money, even for the first leg to Hawaii.  Bob held the opinion that God knows ones needs already and if He has called you to a task, He will provide and enable you - just move out! He did just that and went to the L.A. airport that day without any money in his pocket.  His faith paid off as God provided the funding for each leg of his trip just at the moment he needed it.  This was the norm rather  than the exception throughout his career as an evangelist. What ever it was, where ever it was, if God called, Bob would act no matter what the circumstance......he knew that God would always provide.....and He did!


Bob had a compassion for the spiritually and physically suffering of the world.  "He was the friend of the little people, the forgotten, the hurting, the maimed, the unheard and the unsung".  Bob's theme was "Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God". It was Bob's personal belief that "wherever you find men and women who really love Jesus Christ, you find the compassion of Christ spilling out of them to meet human need." Over the years World Vision, Samaritan's Purse and other organizations like them; one in particular, Mission Aviation Fellowship Pilots (MAF), who flew Missionaries around the world in crisis situations, helped so many helpless and needy men, women and children. They knew first hand the healing power of God.


Bob dared it all to be obedient to the Lord's call.  Once he had in focus the mission that God wanted him to accomplish, he followed in Faith to bring the unsaved to Christ.  It was his opinion that " If you are an ambassador, act like one!"- no matter where you are. Bob would bring to memory how other great men of Faith were obedient even in the face of death.  During World War II, a young South Korean Pastor, Mr. Im was mistaken for a North Korean Communist and imprisoned.   During his internment, he would go around camp singing "Jesus Loves Me" and other Christian songs.  He not only uplifted and inspired other fellow Christian prisoners to come together, he brought many more to Christ.  Together he and another prisoner, Chaplain Voelkel, established a Bible Study where over 6,000 prisoners finished a six month Bible Study.  Six Hundred (600) of those finishing the Bible Study  became pastors and came back to Korea to preach the Gospel.  In another instance, he related how a Korean school teacher was put to death in front of his students because of his faith and obedience to the Lord.


To be an ambassador for the Lord "is one of the greatest things that could ever have happened to anyone - to let God put a fish hook into you so deep that there is no way of ever getting off the hook."


 "Bob did one thing all of his life, and that was to lead people to the foot of the Cross where they would put their faith in a risen Lord Jesus Christ.  He lived every minute completely amazed that God could use him.  No matter how much he was able to do in how many places, it was never enough."  This was the kind of commitment Bob made to Jesus; "to commit yourself, give yourself away to God irrevocably, forever.  Say to Him, go ahead and burn me up. Spend me. Eat me up.  Use me for you Glory." And that's exactly what he did.


Being a man of God was not always easy for Bob and he paid a high price.  In one measure or another he had to forsake his wife, his family, his Mother and Father, his brothers and sisters and other worldly possessions to follow Jesus.  He not only lost his health, he lost his Daughter, Sharon, to death.


Committing your life to Christ in a Godless society is never easy; many times you feel like you may be the only one putting your life, your self image, your social acceptance on the line.  As Bob came to realize, ".  Someone has to go and pay that humiliating price of literally letting your ego be stomped on- not just pushed in and suppressed, but laid out there for people to stomp on.  We need to do this by the grace of God with love and patience: sow the seed on rocky soil, nurture it, and maybe never be applauded."


Committing your life to Christ really comes down to this; What really matters

to you in Life?


On his death bed in the City of Hope, Bob left us this one message - "I don't care what you have attempted. What you have succeeded at, or what has been your work in Christ's name while you are here on earth - only one thing matters when you have reached the last step before you go to stand before Christ:


- Did you tell men and women who Jesus is?

- Did you bring them to some comprehension of His redeeming love?

- Did you make it plain to them that He alone can pay their way to heaven throughout His atoning death on the cross?"


Such was the life of a man of God, Bob Pierce.






ACT 17:11 - Exhorts you to daily review the scriptures to see if what is being said is true


References:           Grant R. Jeffrey - "The Signature of God"- RECOMMENDED READING

Other reading:      "The Hebrew Factor" by Yacov Rambsel

                                                Prepared by D. E. Davis


Daniel 12: 4 - "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."


Here is undeniable proof, the third in the series, that every word, every letter and every punctuation in Bible text was put their by the inspiration of God.  It gives new meaning to the words "increase knowledge".  It's just one of the many signs, and without a doubt, the most exciting revelation that God said he would reveal to man in the "end time".   As you will see, God has put his signature throughout the Bible, has revealed History before it ever happened, all through hidden codes that were supernaturally placed into text which was written over 2,000 years ago; which could only be found with today's computer technological advances.  The codes are found in what scholars call "Equidistant Letter Sequences" or ESL.  That is, each sequential letter in an encoded word or phrase was found the same distance apart numerically; The exact interval designed by God.


Actually, the discovery of hidden codes in scripture dates back to before WWI and it was not until 1988 that the use of computers were able to detect a significant amount of coding in scripture.  Since then, the research that Grant Jeffrey and others have done has just exploded and new discoveries are happening every day.


Here is a summary of what has been found and outlined in Grant's book, referenced above.  It is my understanding that he is in the process of writing another book to tell what he has found subsequent to "The Signature of God".


Luke 21:15 - " For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay (refute) nor resist."


Proverbs 25:2 - "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter."




What follows is what most of the human race would find hard to believe.  It unfathomable to think that the Hebrew Bible, containing 304,805 Hebrew letters, written by 40 individuals could contain hidden messages that if one letter was taken out of the text, one word was removed, the hidden message could not be revealed......yet the message has been sustained for over 2,000 years and has been revealed to man just as Jesus said it would be.  Jesus has actually placed His name and other messages about Himself into text which proves he is the creator of all; King of Kings and Lord of Lords.



God has personally signed scriptures throughout the Old and New Testaments in various ways.  For example in the Old Testament, he has encoded his name, Jesus, in the following scripture:




God has also encoded unbelievable detail about many of the things we read about and which touch our lives daily.  For example, he outlines:



·         Gen. 2: 4-10  - The key word "Eden" was spelled out sixteen (16) times in the span of 379 Hebrew letters.  The letters were all equidistant from each other.

·         Gen. 2  - In this chapter which deals with the garden of Eden, scientists found encoded in the Hebrew text, Twenty-five (25) names of trees that were in the

Garden of Eden.

·         Gen. 1:1 - Starting with the first appearance of the Hebrew letter "Tav", the word "Torah" was found every 50th letter.

·         Ex. 1: 1 - Again, starting with the first appearance of the letter "Tav" and counting every 50th letter, the word "Torah" was spelled. Num./Deut. - In the book of Numbers the word "Torah" was found spelled backwards every 50th letter.  In the book of Deuteronomy, "Torah" was found again spelled backwards, but this time every forty-ninth (49) letter.



·         Holocaust

·         Deut. 10: 17-22 - Beginning with the second to last appearance of the Hebrew letter "bet" in this passage, they found every Thirteenth (13) letter, the phrase "b'yam marah Auschwitz" which means "in the bitter sea of Auschwitz."   Also encoded in this passage were the names of the other Nazi Concentration camp, "Belsen".

·         Deut. 33:21 - Beginning with the letter (resh) that appeared in the Hebrew word "Yisreal," and counting every twenty-second (22) letter from the left to right they found the phrase "re'tzach alm" discribing the Holocaust, which when translated, means "a people cry murder, slaughter."


·         Adolph Hitler

·         Deut. 10: 17-22 - The word "Hitler" spelled out in Hebrew was found every twenty-second (22) letter.

·         Deut. 33:16 - Beginning with the first appearance of the Hebrew letter "mem" and every two hundred and forty-sixth (246) letter from left to right you find that the coded letters spelled out the phrase, "Melek Natzim," which translates as the "king of the Nazis."


·         Eichmann

·         Deut. 32:52 - Beginning with the appearance of the first letter (aleph) and counting from left to right every six hundred and seventy (670) letters, the name "Aik'man" is spelled, which is the Hebrew form of the name "Eichmann."


·         Egyptian President Anwar Sadat

·         "Sadat occurred together with the name of the leader of the Moslem  Brotherhood assassinating team that killed contained the year of his assassination, 1981,  and the words "president," "gunfire," "shot'" and 'Murder".


·         Desert Storm

·         Beginning in Gen. 1:7 and continuing through the rest of Genesis, Grant Jeffrey indicated at the Prophesy Conference in Irvine,Ca. on 27 Sept. 1996 that they had recently found information in hidden code in scripture relating to Desert Storm.  I believe more details will be available in Grant's next book.


·         The French Revolution

·         Gen. 39,41 - "Another passage in the Book of Genesis revealed a cluster of encoded words that deals with the French Revolution.  The following words are clustered ogether" "Mapecha HaSarfatit" which spells "the French Revolution" in Hebrew, "Louis," the name of the French king, and the word "Beit (house of Bourbon,") his royal dynasty.  In the same cluster were the following words:  "Hamarseilles" (the name of the French anthem) and the word "Bastillia" (the infamous French prison for political prisoners........"



·         Word pairs - "In their initial experiment, .......the scientists arbitrarily chose three hundred (300) Hebrew word-pairs that were logically related in meaning, such as hammer and anvil, or tree and leaf, or man and woman." ".....the researchers were astonished to find that every single word-pair had been located in Genesis in close proximity to each other."


·         King David's Ancestors

·         Gen. 28 - " Every one of the five Hebrew names of these ancestor of King

David     (Pharez, Zerah, Boaz, Obed, Jesse) were found encoded at forty-nine (49) letter intervals, hidden within the text of Genesis 38".

·         Famous Jewish Rabbi -  "The Jewish people celebrate the memory of their famous sages by commemorating their date of death.  Incredibly, the computer program found every single one of the sixty-six names of these famous rabbis embedded in the text of Genesis paired at significantly close proximity with their actual date of birth or their date of death."



Grant points out that "The researchers attempted to reproduce these results by running the computer program on other religious Hebrew texts outside the Bible, including the Samaritan Pentateuch. .......the researchers could not detect word pairs in the Samaritan Pentateuch or any other Hebrew text outside the Bible.  In fact, an exhaustive analysis reveals that no other Hebrew text outside the Old testament contains these mysterious codes, not even the Hebrew apocryphal books written during the four hundred years before the birth of Christ"



"No one can search the Torah using these codes to foretell future events.  The reason is that it is impossible to extract the encoded information unless you already know what the future facts are."  "The prophet Isaiah warned against false prophets and declared that only God can Prophesy  future events accurately

(Isa. 46: 9,10).


"Computer tapes are now available so that anyone with a computer can personally verify the existence of these codes beneath the text of the Scriptures.


As Christians, we can stand firm in the word and shout for joy.  God has given us "the words and the wisdom that none of our adversaries will be able to refute or contradict", no matter how much they try!









References:           Grant R. Jeffrey - "The Signature of God"- RECOMMENDED READING


Prepared by D. E. Davis

June 10, 1997




How do we know that Jesus is the one true God when there are so many religions, cultures and cults that claim that they serve the one true god?  How about Buddha, Allah?


Scripture says that God alone knows the beginning from the end.  The way that God establishes His authority is through Biblical Prophesy.  There are over 500 prophesies that were prophesied over 2,000 years ago that have all come to pass.  There are still some Old Testament that have yet have to be fulfilled (Daniel Ezekiel), but there has never been an event prophesied that has not come to pass in it’s time. 100% accuracy tells us that the God of the Bible is the only true God.  No one else in the history of the world, living or dead, can make this claim.



In Matthew 24:3, just before Jesus' ascension into heaven, the disciples of Jesus ask Him what would be the sign of His second coming.  Over the centuries various groups have attempted to guess when Christ would return to the earth to claim His inheritance as promised throughout scripture.  As we know, no one has been right yet!.  God clearly states in Matthew 24:36 that no man, not even the angels, know the day or the time when Christ will return. Only God the Father knows.


This summary is clearly not another attempt to forecast this event.  This summary does, however, attempt to provide an awareness of what is happening around you so that you will not be caught unaware. (Ref. Luke 21:34 and Matthew. 24:42).


ACT 17:11- Exhorts you to daily review the scriptures to see if what is being said is true.



----------------------THE SIGNS OF THE TIME-------------------


Grant Jeffrey has done a wonderful job of providing critical information about events that are happening in this generation that all Christians need to know;  Events that were prophesied over 2,500 years ago.  Approximately 90% of the material contained herein was extracted and summarized from Grant's book.  I highly recommend reading this book as it contains so much more that you will want to know.



The rebirth of Israel was prophesied in several scriptures throughout the Bible.  Isaiah 66: 8 predicted that Israel would be born again in "one" day.   Ezekiel 4:3-6 and  Levitcus 26:18 foretold the exact number of days that it would take Israel to re-establish themselves as a nation in the last days. ( The exact calculation can be found in Grant Jeffrey's book referenced above). On May 14, 1948, the Jews proclaimed their independence of the reborn state of Israel.....The exact day that was predicted over twenty-five (25) centuries ago.......No other ancient nation ever ceased to exist for a period of centuries and then returned to take its place on the stage of world history."



In Psalms 83:2-8, God inspired King David to predict that upon Israel's rebirth as a nation it would be immediately surrounded by their enemies.  The modern names of those nations named in scripture include Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria....the nations that have now joined the Palestinians in their attempt to destroy Israel.


In Gen. 12: 3,  God has promised to punish those nations that come against Israel.  "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed."



When Israel was captured by Nebuchadnezzar in approx. 562 B.C., Israel was no longer allowed to speak the Hebrew language, but had to learn the language of the Chaldeans.  The Lord predicted, however, through Zephaniah 3:9, that he would restore a pure language to Israel so that they may "serve him with one consent".  It was in the early part of this Century that the Hebrew language was revived from the dead language.  Today, Hebrew is a living language to over 5 million Israelis.



In  Isaiah 27:6; 35:7 and Joel 2:23, the Lord prophesied through these prophets that the deserted, unproductive, barren land of Israel would once again become productive in the last days and that Israel would experience tremendous increases of rain.  Ever since Israel has returned to the land, they have flourished in the land and now supply over 90 percent of the citrus fruit consumed in Europe.  Rainfall has increased by more than "10 percent every decade for the last century and Israel has planted in excess of two hundred (200) million trees and transformed the complete environment of the Promised Land."  According to the United Nations, Israel is now "the most agriculturally efficient land on earth."



Ezekiel 38:11 speaks of the future invasion of Gog and Magog (Russia) saying "And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of un-walled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls and having neither bars nor gates". Grant explains that "even army bases and Israel's settlements in the West Bank and Gaza have no walls today.........How could Ezekiel have known twenty-five centuries ago that the development of modern weapons such as bombs, airplanes and missiles, would have made walls and gates irrelevant for defensive purposes in the last days.  In the ancient past even small villages as well as cities depended on walls for defense against invading armies."



Revelations 11:1, 2 foretells of Israel rebuilding the Temple in the last days.  There is much controversy between the Israelis and the Muslim's because the Dome of the Rock (Al-Aqsa Mosque) it is believed, sits on the very spot where the Temple is suppose to be built.  In recent years, however, aerial Infra-red photography shows that this may not be the case.  Ezekiel 44:14-18, tell about the sacred vessels and linen robes that must be used in the Temple.  "The Temple Institute in Jerusalem has already prepared over 75 of the objects, vessels, and linen garments required for future Temple service.......over 500 men from the tribe of Levi have already been trained to fulfill the duties of Temple worship and sacrifice."



Just recently in the Washington Post on May 28, 1997, it was reported that a 10 month old  heifer named "Melody" is the first red heifer to be born in Israel in over 2,000 years.  "In ancient times, the ashes of a red heifer were mixed with spring water to purify high priests before they entered the Temple."



We know that the old city of Babylon (now called Iraq) will be built again in the end times because Isaiah 13:6, 19 foretells of its destruction.  In Isaiah 34:8-10 it is prophesied that the rebuilt City of Babylon will burn for ever.


"As unlikely as it seems, the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein has spent over one billion dollars rebuilding the ancient city of Babylon and intends that it will become the center of their future renewed Babylonian Empire.  Interestingly, the whole city of Babylon was built over an underground lake of asphalt and oil."



The prophet Daniel prophesied in Dan. 9:24 that the when Jesus returns, that the most Holy of Holies will be anointed with the anointing oil.  "One of the five ingredients, afars' mon, was thought lost forever, when the Temple was destroyed in A.D. 70 and the only two groves of afars'mon trees in existence were burned

to the ground.  Incredibly, several years ago, archeologists in Israel found a clay flask buried near the Dead Sea caves filled with the ancient oil of anointing.  Scientists confirmed that the oil is two thousand years old and is composed of the precise ingredients described in Exodus 30:25,26."



Matthew 24:7 prophesied that in the last days "For nation shall rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilence, and earthquakes, in divers (various) places."  Grand Jeffrey writes regarding these matters:

·         Pestilence - In 1991, the Central Intelligence Agency produced a report which "concluded that up to 75% of the population of Africa living in the area south of the Sahara Desert may become infected with AIDS over the next 12 years.  This will mean the death by AIDS of over three hundred million people in       Africa alone.  In July 1991, the South African Medical Journal reported that a staggering 47% of black male and female blood donors tested positive for AIDS during 1989."


In Nov. 1996, the Associated Press reported that "Sexually transmitted diseases are diagnosed 12 million times a year in the United States - including a staggering 3 million cases among teen-agers".

·          Famine - The United Nations today "claim that over thirty million in Africa are now at risk of dying from the most devastating famine in this century.  The UN estimates that one billion people are in danger of starvation while another billion lack proper nutrition.  North American food reserves (grain and corn) are at the lowest level in sixty years."

·         Major killer earthquakes – “Major Killer earthquakes (7.2 or greater on the Richter scale) occurred only once per decade throughout history until our century.  However, since A. D. 1900, the growth in major earthquakes has been  relentless.  From 1900 to 1949 it averaged three major quakes per decade.  From 1949 the increase became awesome with 9 killer quakes in the 1950's; 13 in the 1960's; 56 in the 1970's and an amazing 74 major quakes in the 1980's.   Finally, in the 1990's, at the present rate, we will experience 125 major killer quakes in this decade."



In Revelation 11:9,10, it is prophesied that during the tribulation period, the antichrist will have the two witnesses that God sent killed and their bodies will lay in the street for three and a half days while the whole world watches.


Did not the whole world watch Desert Storm on CNN television?  With all the technological advances in telecommunications, including the recent opening of the World Wide Net to our computer industry, any event happening in any part of the world can now be viewed while it is happening.  The prophesy of the two  witnesses could literally be fulfilled today.  This could not have happened just 10 or 15 years ago.



Daniel 12:4 prophesies how much knowledge and travel will increase in the end time. "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the Book, even to the time of the end:  Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased."


Today, it is estimated that "Human knowledge is growing so quickly that it literally doubles every twenty-four months."   With the discovery through the use of modern "Super" computers by Grant Jeffrey and other researchers of the hidden codes that God supernaturally designed into the original Hebrew text of the Torah describing not only the history of the world in advance, but also verifying his Authority through His personal signature throughout his scripture, we realize that God chose this generation to reveal this unique aspect about himself.


It is also amazing that in this century, we have gone from horses to cars, from cars to supersonic spacecraft; not only can we now travel the world in a matter of hours, but in the case of the U.S. Space Shuttle Discovery, we can now travel at speeds in excess of eighteen thousand miles per hour. 



Daniel 2:40-44 predicts that the old Roman Empire will be revived in the end times into a ten Nation alliance.  We currently see the foundation being laid today through the European Economic Community. "In 1957, six (6) Countries signed the Treaty of Rome laying the foundation for the future United States of Europe.............Since then the Maastricht Treaty consolidated the fifteen (15) Nations of the European Union into the worlds first superstate."  All it will take is the re-shuffling and/or the consolidation of Nations to bring this prophesy to a literal fulfillment.





"In the Bible there are several types of generations.  One generation is defined as the length of life of the average person - seventy or eighty years.  However, a generation of governing is usually defined as forty years,...........During the last two thousand years since the days of Christ, there were fifty such forty-year generations.  Therefore, the odds are one chance in fifty that any one of these specific prophecies happened by chance in our generation rather than some other generation."


"The odds that more than one event happening in our life time are:


"Another way of looking at this is that the chance that the prophets of the Bible correctly guessed these prophecies is also one in 97,500 other words, it is simply impossible that men alone could

have written the Bible without the supernatural assistance and inspiration of God."


Matthew 24:32-35 - "Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.  Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.  Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."


Luke 21:28 - "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."



As of today, no one knows who the Anti-Christ is, but we do know what God has told us about him:


Many people try to spiritualize or say the events prophesied in the Bible are just symbolic.  Any doubt about how God handles these prophetic events should have been erased on May 14,1948.  God is literally fulfilling scriptural prophesy before our very eyes.  Can we expect anything less for those few remaining prophesies for which He has promised the world; 1) the removal of the one who restrains the man of lawlessness/Sin (the rapture of the Church), 2) His second coming to take possession of His inheritance, 3) The millennial kingdom  and 4) the new heaven and new earth.





Ezekiel 33:6 - "But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand."